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Booking and payment

Making a Booking: Bookings are made via the secure pages on our web site or by telephone. We accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta, Switch, JCB and Solo card. For cheque or money order options, contact one of our staff via e-mail. Each booking is handled personally by a member of our staff. There is a 10.00 % non-refundable deposit taken for each flat-share booking. Your booking is accepted on the condition that you agree that this charge is non- refundable once your booking has been confirmed. All rates quoted include all charges and taxes unless otherwise specified. It is the customer's responsibility to check the rates before booking. Flat-sharing options may be subject to age limitations, please contact our team to confirm this.

Booking by Fax: Reservations made by fax are accepted only with valid credit card details. Due to the additional handling time, fax reservations have a longer turnaround time and are not suitable for last-minute or urgent bookings. Each reservation fax must also contain an e-mail address of the customer so that the confirmation can be sent back via e-mail (see Confirmation by Fax below).

Credit Card Information: Flat-Share bookings can be made with another person's card details; permission and billing details are required. Please note that for security purposes, the cardholder may be contacted to make sure any charge is authorised.

Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com treats credit card security very seriously. Our secure booking form is protected by 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. We do not suggest sending credit card details via standard e-mail. Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com will not be responsible for, and will not accept any card details that are sent this way. If you are concerned about your card details, please contact a member of our staff.

Liability of Credit Card Transaction: If unauthorised charges appear on your credit card statement for the card used to make the booking, any time during or after you make your reservation, conduct your transaction or disclose your credit card details on the web site, Studios92.com T/A Flat-share.com shall not be liable or responsible in any way in respect of any damage or loss of whatsoever nature suffered by you arising from or in any way connected with said use, transaction or disclosure.

Payment before Arrival: Generally, after the non-refundable deposit is taken, there is no need for any further payment before arrival. If full payment before arrival is requested, we will require appropriate authorisation from the card-holder. Please contact our staff regarding this option.


Reservation Confirmation: Once your booking is received and processed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please read the confirmation carefully - it contains your reservation number, all of the relevant details and information for check-in. We recommend printing the confirmation out as your reference.

Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com shall not be liable for any losses as a result of the printed confirmation not being produced on arrival. It is also a condition that a customer must report any errors concerning the booking confirmation immediately to the staff, so that another confirmation can be sent. You will be booked into a flat-share room (shared bathroom and shared kitchen) unless otherwise specified on the booking confirmation. All of Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com options are mixed-sex.

Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com accepts no liability for bookings not received or processed due to data incorrectly entered into the booking form, including e-mail address, fax or phone numbers.

Confirmation by Fax: Usually, confirmations are only sent via e-mail. If you require a faxed confirmation, please inform a member of our staff.

Changing / Canceling Bookings

Changing Bookings:
Change of arrival date is permitted up to 28 days before arrival. Changing the arrival date after this date may incur a charge of the nights you have booked originally. Extending the stay is always possible providing a room is available. Shortening a stay may change the nightly rate, as the nightly rate is higher for shorter stays. Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com reserves the right to alter the minimum number of nights required according to time of year, current availability and suitability of a reservation. The cancellation of any nights requires 28 days notice.

Canceling Bookings:
Canceling a reservation requires 28 days written notice. Failure to give 28 days notice for cancellation may result in a charge of the full amount depending on the reservation. To cancel a booking please notify a member of our staff via e-mail. All cancellations require written notice. Any cancellations over the phone must be accompanied by an e-mail to the booking staff confirming the details. As agreed above, the 10% charge is non-refundable regardless of cancellation notice.


Arrival Instructions: On your booking confirmation you will find a section on arrival details. It is important to read this carefully. When you arrive at the respective tube station, the appropriate area manager is contacted to pick you up and check you in. Check-in after 5pm is 10GBP pick-up fee per person. The first 28 nights rent is due on arrival.
Any questions on arrival can be directed to your area manager. Under certain extreme circumstances, should your original reserved room-type not be available at the time of arrival, Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com agrees to supply equivalent accommodation until the room-type is available. A double room and a twin room are regarded as an equivalent to each other.
On arrival, a guest arrival form has to be completed and an imprint of the credit card is taken as security deposit. A credit card imprint may be requested by all guests. By signing the guest arrival form you agree to abide by the regulations set by Studios92.com Ltd. Failure to comply with the regulations may mean extra surcharges or termination of your stay. Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com reserves the right to request additional forms of identification if required. Any questions are to be brought to the attention of the staff on arrival.
Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com shall not accept any liability for losses, additional expenses or any claim whatsoever due to changes in accommodation, sickness, weather strikes or any other cause. All such losses, additional expenses or claims will be borne by the person who has booked the accommodation.


Leaving your accommodation: Unless otherwise arranged, 14 days written notice is required to set a departure date. On completion of your stay, you agree to leave your room or studio in a tidy state, as it was presented. Keys must be left in the room, and the door closed as you leave. We do not offer a pickup service for the return to the airport or station. We can supply a taxi service phone number if required. The area manager must be notified of your departure and Studios92.com Ltd T/A Flat-share.com reserves the right to send a repesentative to inspect the room before the imprint of the credit card is destroyed. Failure to give adequate notice of departure may result in charges of one night up to two weeks, depending on the booking. Lost keys will also result in additional charges. Any charges outstanding must be paid before departure; failure to pay will result in your being charged on your credit card.

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