Home Contents Insurance

Moving into a new place can be exciting and scary at the same time, but you should always be sure to have yourself covered in the event of anything going wrong once you've got into your new home. Whether you're studying at university, starting a new job or relocating to a new area you should always make sure you take out adequate home contents insurance from a reputable provider to protect your belongings.

There are different forms of contents insurance, from covering everything in your home to only covering things under a certain value and you should be sure of what you need before you take out any of the available policies. Here are a few tips on things to look out for.

Flat/House Share
If you're moving into a flat-share and there are already people living there you should check to see if they've got any contents insurance already. It could be a case of extending it to cover an extra person or you may wish to get your own. If none exists already then it's strongly advisable to take out contents insurance to cover you in the event of a fire, burglary and sometimes even accidental damage.

Specialist Items
If you've got any expensive or specialist items then it's good to check with your policy provider whether or not they'll be covered. Specialist sports items such as skis and surfboards as well as artwork should always be double checked. Legal & General offer an easy to understand service for Home contents insurance, with an easy to use 'contents sum calculator' to give you an idea of how much your contents are worth, and therefore how much your insurance might cost. They also have guides on what is and isn't covered by their policies, and are a reputable and recommended company.

Extra Cover
If you want to cover yourself for more than the bare minimum then most companies will offer extra cover for things not included in their basic policies. This can range from credit card cover to garden contents, so if you've got any expensive garden art you may want to make sure they're protected too. As mentioned already some insurers will cover for accidental damage, and this can be a good idea if you've got expensive televisions, laptops or games consoles.

Be Secure
The most important thing of all when protecting your belongings is to be vigilant yourself. Make sure you have a working burglar alarm in place as well as secure locks on your windows and doors. Window alarms are an effective and affordable way to shoo off thieves and you should always bolt your door at night.